3 Proven Strategies for Dealing with a Midland Funding Debt Collection Lawsuits

Debt Collection Agency

With scores of people falling behind on debts, now’s the perfect time to start a debt collection agency, which requires little more than a phone and a computer. You’ll help retailers, hospitals, and credit card companies recover money they’re owed, and in return you’ll get a percentage of the collected debt.

Before starting, you need to fully understand the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also research state and local regulations, such as licensing. Though not required, training or a degree in business or finance may add credibility to your company. Finally, realize that debt collection requires a certain amount of finesse, empathy, and resolve.

Midland Funding, CACH, LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, all file tens of thousands of debt collection lawsuits every year. In this video I provide consumers with three proven strategies on how to effectively deal with your debt collection lawsuit

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  1. legalintimidation says

    First thing you do is get your federal case started 1692e 1692g or what ever you have that is a valid fact they have done under fdcpa, fcra or tcpa then send a debt dispute and validation letter sent asap. be proactive if you are not pro active you may end up with a judgment. If you dont know how hire a good lawyer that does.

  2. YTCM says

    Don’t know you from Adam but you are certainly darn good in explain what’s the option that a cosummer has when it comes to fighting a debt collector  lawsuit,i’ve been watching almost all of your other videos and simply can’t get enough of them please keep up the good work you are just phenomenal in empowering the cosummer knowledge.Thanks CM.

    1. John Skiba says

      +YTCM Thanks for the great comment. I really appreciate it! I just started a new website to help consumers who have questions and are representing themselves. Check it out at http://www.ConsumerWarrior.org.

  3. Keyser Söze says

    If Midland funding loses in court does the debt go off credit report?

  4. TheBobbalu says

    I talked to John skiba today he talked to me gave me a consultation over the phone my wife and I was scared to death he Comforts us like he was our big brother and he knew that we couldn’t afford to hire him when he says free consultation he means it no pressure from him he is a wonderful man Arizona is a better place for having a man like John skiba here thank you John

  5. Berlin Acosta says

    Good information. Thank you sir.

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