Accounting VR [Full Playthrough]


With loads of businesses looking to save money by outsourcing accounting services to qualified individuals, certified public accountants can make a solid income.

Starting a CPA business from home requires relatively low overhead, but it may take a time to land the clients needed to turn a profit. You can market your services through networking, and you might consider starting your business part time until it gets off the ground.

While you can be an accountant without CPA certification, CPAs have a strong advantage over their noncertified peers. Visit the American Institute of CPAs website for information on specific state requirements.

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  1. Zed-Ex Gaming says

    you’re in accounting?


    pls don’t hurt me like so trott knows what’s coming

    1. Crispy Roll says

      This game makes me want to kill you

    2. Phil Davison says

      Sorry about your dad, but that’s what happens when you touch kids.

    3. Adam Hannibal says

      Idk why that made a reply on this comment. lol. Was meaning to post it as a generic shitpost.

  2. Crimsonpatty says

    why does the phone guy sound like turps xD

  3. gajbooks says

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same voice from Dr. Langskov, the tiger, and the terribly cursed emerald.

    1. astroRobotic says

      Simon Amstell! He’s a brilliant comedian from here in the UK 😛 He’s worked with Justin a few times before

    2. Austin Coleman says

      Same dev. Crows Crows Crows

    3. YellowSphere says

      it isn’t, it’s William Pugh himself.

    4. Austin Coleman says

      YellowSphere sorry, I was mistaken. I just recalled that crows crows crows featured it in their newsletter so I just associated it with them.

    5. YellowSphere says

      Austin Coleman oh no, it is Crows Crows Crows; that’s the name of Pugh’s company. I was responding to the original comment. it is not Simon Amstell, although he did appear in Dr Langeskov.

  4. Chris says

    I liked it, can you play the anime VR game where trott gets to molest girls next?

    1. Emmy Nyan says

      Ahhhhhh, I see.

      “Summer Lesson” doesn’t have real sex, but it’s still kind of suggestive and since the girls are underage it’s a bit creepy. Hence why the Japanese won’t release it in the US.

    2. Suq Maidic says

      +Emmy Nyan Hence why we should’ve finished off the Japanese while we had a chance.*

    3. Emmy Nyan says

      +Suq Maidic Because sexual encounters between adults and minors never happen in the West.


    4. Suq Maidic says

      +Emmy Nyan
       good night, sleep tight, don’t let the japanese menace rape you in your sleep.

  5. oh-no-plz-no says

    oh my god this was the best

    1. danieltoste says

      oh-no-plz-no yes. Yes it was

  6. Ben W says

    The Skeleton Xylophone lady part turned me on a bit. I’m worried about myself.

    1. Tom Nankivell says

      Her name is Cassie Steele for those wondering for… scientific research purposes

    2. Matthew Mitchell says

      Ben W Check out plagueofgripes.

    3. The Anal Atheist says

      You rattle my bones. <3

    4. One Man Orgy says

      I masturbated to it, actually.

    5. Chef_ Boi says

      Ben W

  7. HOLMES says

    Good bye Chris Trott, rest in Squanch.

    1. FirkinFilms says

      TheGrace020 There’s nothing peaceful about Squanching.

    2. TheGrace020 says

      +FirkinFilms Squanch, Squanch never changes…

    3. ChippyChoppy says

      You guys wanna get Squanchy?

    4. 4everis2morrow says

      TheGrace020 squanch? SQUANCH? you’re not squanching the big picture here…

    5. David Curtis says

      He was never alive #GrownInACabbagePatch

  8. Kâzúm Rah says

    Not gonna lie i thought the phone man was turps for a bit

    1. SaFalken says

      The guy shouting in the background sounds like Nerdcubed.

    2. Waluigi says

      i was thinking the same thing tbh, but i knew it wouldnt have been him

    3. Auron710 says

      they recognise them cus theyr voice actors around stanley parable and rick and morty. It is not turps its just a similar accent to his.

    4. drdeadguy says

      it’s egoraptor:)

    5. Joe Waters says

      I thought i was the only one.

  9. Click Clack says

    Is trott actually dead?

    1. Click Clack says

      ckjuggler RIP

    2. The Mad Hatter says

      Click Clack yeah, but he’s been replaced with a robot so no one will know

    3. Balthor says

      It says “rip” in the end so clearly he is. He must’ve taken off the VR goggles and he’s now out of the Matrix, enjoying the real life.

  10. BumbleBee says

    The phone guys sounds like the off brand version of turps and I love it

    1. sirBrouwer says

      BumbleBee no turps is the off brand version in everything.

    2. kenfroz says

      Cannot unhear

  11. CarterArts says

    I wonder if there were more levels they never reached?

    1. Ferrettomato says

      No, that was the end of it.

    2. CarterArts says

      That’s a shame

    3. Hoax Slayer says

      CarterArts There’s a lot of funny dialogue they skipped though.

  12. 729Drew says

    So it’s Rick & Morty VR without Rick or Morty lol

    1. kjell eriksen says

      It’s made by the creators of Rick and Morty but I doubt it actually had anything to do with Rick and Morty other than Justin’s voice being in this and the show

    2. apm TheGreat says

      theres is a rick and morty game (coming out soon?).

    3. JackieGoOutside says

      Pretty sure Squaunchtendo, the studio who made this, is co-owned by Justin Roiland.

  13. R'mur says

    What started out as H.A.A.T. Films, then progressed to Hat Films… Now, sadly, here we are at Ha Films. RIP Dr Jesus Trott.

    1. Blare Green says

      R’mur was there another guy on the channel at one point?

    2. Blare Green says

      +Mertsi thanks

  14. Angel Ramirez says

    Im an accountant and i can say this is accurate 100%

    1. Lord Rhys José Belfonté Kanté Jr says

      Angel Ramirez same

  15. Matthew Bartlett says

    Wait. When Trott kills himself, the screen turns black, and we can close the video.
    Does this mean we were living through Trott all along?

    1. Sensia v7.03 says

      +Matthew Bartlett I got an ad at the end, so no. =(

  16. Aa says

    HOLYSHIT! This game is absolutely amazing, perfect for Hatfilms to play as well. We need many more games like this.

  17. Alan Catflisp says

    Sounded like Turps on the phone for real

    1. Crazy-Fangirl101 says


  18. Matthew Moore says

    Every character sounds like Morty

  19. 15thTimeLord says


  20. catanator123654 says

    You guys skipped soo much

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