Afni Inc Debt Collection Agency – 5 Steps To Fight Back

Debt Collection Agency

With scores of people falling behind on debts, now’s the perfect time to start a debt collection agency, which requires little more than a phone and a computer. You’ll help retailers, hospitals, and credit card companies recover money they’re owed, and in return you’ll get a percentage of the collected debt.

Before starting, you need to fully understand the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also research state and local regulations, such as licensing. Though not required, training or a degree in business or finance may add credibility to your company. Finally, realize that debt collection requires a certain amount of finesse, empathy, and resolve.

For more tips to fight back against Afni Inc a huge collection agency, and to avoid being a victim of this aggressive debt collector visit:

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  1. Dan Willis says

  2. Wamii Yamii says

    Helpful video, I just got 1 letter out of no where from them in the mail for att from 4 years ago. I moved homes and moved my service over so it should have continued as I have AUTO PAY! No Idea how i could miss a bill and no warning letter or email just boom 4 years later you missed a payment… what B.S.!  I’m on infinit hold at AFNI, I called att directly there regular agents cant even see this alleged bill you need the ATT COLLECTION department.

  3. a manx ca says

    They bought my debt third party (I paid idiot Century Link months and months ago but their records are sloppy).  It’s 50 bucks and scratch.  Did they buy that for a fraction of a cent?  I work at home.  They called me right before work and then put me on hold for several minutes and I needed to call to clock in.  I hung up and waited a minute, pressed the talk button to to call work and they still had me on hold!  I couldn’t get a dial tone to save my life.. (WTF?)  I told the bimbo on the phone that I didn’t have all day to wait on hold, that they needed to validate the debt as I didn’t even owe it, asked how much they paid for an invalid 50 dollar debt,  how much they thought they were going to make off me, and as they have already put it on my credit report, I told the bimbo that I would never get it off my credit report and for a lousy 50 bucks I was certainly not motivated to do anything about it.    I told her to get off the line so I could use it. She hung up on me.  I was furious.  F**K AFNI.   What a pathetic bottom feeder.  I dare them to call me again.


    A very helpful video, I just received a letter asking to pay for an outstanding phone bill of over $600.00, which shocked me because I do not own a cell phone nor a home phone….hello AFNI i do not know you and never have any association with any phone company in the mainland…i live in the one of the territories of the united States and never have an outstanding phone bill before. 

  5. James Peterson says

    I just file a class action lawsuit in Chicago

    1. Tontin Bearing says

      +James Peterson james, can you respond pls?? i have the same issue.. unknown verizon bill popped up from no where. AFNI cannot verify. refuses to delete from my credit. i have had the same phone number for over 12 years. is there an active class action suit in IL against AFNI i can enjoin? any help wud be appreciated…

  6. Tontin Bearing says

    how bad is AFNI’s credit??? here it is folks. its worse than yours.

    Afni, Inc
    404 Brock Dr
    Bloomington, IL  61701-2654
    United States

    Experian BIN:

    Robert J. Coletta
    Agent Address:
    401 Main ST Ste 1600

    Family Linkage:
     Ultimate Parent
    Afni, Inc
    404 Brock Dr
    Bloomington, IL  

    Branches / Alternative Locations 
    Afni, Inc
    1310 Martin Luther King Dr
    Bloomington, IL  United States

    Key Personnel:
    Ronald L Greene
    Bruce F Griffin
    Thomas M Johnson
    SIC Code:

    Business Services, Nec

    Management Consulting Services

    Investment Advice
    NAICS Code:

    All Other Business Support Services

    All Other Support Services

    Management Consulting Services
    Business Type:
    Experian File Established:
    January 1987
    Experian Years on File:
    28 Years
    Years in Business:
    79 Years
    Total Employees:

    Filing Data Provided by:
    Date of Incorporation:
    Current Days Beyond Terms (DBT):

    Predicted DBT for 09/16/2015:

    Average Industry DBT:

    Payment Trend Indicator:
    Lowest 6 Month Balance:
    Highest 6 Month Balance:
    Current Total Account Balance:
    Highest Credit Amount Extended:
    Median Credit Amount Extended:
    Payment Tradelines (see charts):
    UCC Filings:

    Businesses Scoring Worse:
    Liens (see detail):
    Judgments Filed:

    Credit Summary
    Back to top

    Credit Ranking Score: 12


    The objective of the Credit Ranking Score is to predict payment behavior. High Risk means that there is a significant probability of delinquent payment. Low Risk means that there is a good probability of on-time payment.

  7. James Peterson says

    Class action was filed by: Edelman, Combs,latturner, & Goodwin Llc
    20 S. Clark st #1500
    Chicago, Illinois 60603
    Att: Cassandra Miller 312-739-4200

  8. Victor Trujillo says

    they called me charging money for an accident i had. do they also do that and what can i do to know it is not an fraud

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