Belated Bixby: Virtual assistant not ready for Galaxy S8 launch

Virtual Assistant

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Samsung's voice-recognition software will be a no-show when its flagship phone arrives next week in the US. But there is small aspect of the assistant that will be working.

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  1. Mansa Musa says

    ??fail from the start…

  2. siva raj says

    Beautiful bridget carey… awesome expressions and reactions… you are so cute..

    1. himanshu rathore says

      siva raj thirsty indian

    2. siva raj says

      himanshu rathore not thirsty dude

    3. Ignacio Irurita says

      I bet you wanked… Disgusting

  3. Michael Arrington says

    Nobody cares about Samson garbage phone waiting on the iPhone 8 iPhone is still better than Samsung phone

    1. ExperHax says

      My World Samsung might taste like Gold to these apple fanboys because SamSungs name camt stay out they mouths.

    2. ExperHax says

      JagBoyQ Apple finna remove the zoom feature and make you buy the iZoom case

    3. Cre8Tor2 says

      Michael Arrington Bad grammer and a iSheep. Typical iSheep.

    4. Sasha Jovic says

      Michael Arrington apple gay boys lol

    5. Crazy World Crazy Ppl says

      Michael Arrington Apple fan Boy you Will buy a d.. and eat it if just has an apple logo shame on you , yea let’s wait and see how apple copy Samsung ??? cry loser

  4. moufer hecker says

    That’s good cause no one will use it anyways

  5. BeautyHunter1986 says

    Relax, u can remap the dreaded Bixby.

  6. Tareq lilo says

    Like always Samsung push those stupid apps with no support

  7. Slew Dem says

    Please pause the video at 1:11….. leave ur comments

    1. RTORIC says

      Slew Dem ?

  8. ryan gosling says

    Samsung is not a software company. They specialize in hardware and explosives

  9. Shamar Coke says

    whats your point we still are gonna buy it

    1. Jorge Perez says

      lol for real who cares about the assistant

    2. Holly Hsieh says

      Cnet care, they made 3 video about it

    3. Aaron Glisson says

      Shamar Coke I KNOW!!!!

    4. Raveen Bikha says

      Shamar Coke lol it like games pay for something is not finished

  10. Rob Terry says

    Reason why I left Samsung. Half baked features. You know it’s coming out and when it’s coming out why not have it ready? Why spend all your time and resources on it and send it out half baked when google assistant is already available and great? That’s another thing that sucks, Samsung makes a copy of every google app and Samsung has a history of having the worser app of the two. Why waste your time?

    1. Rob Terry says

      RSB Key it’s better than Bixby

    2. RSB Key says

      Rob Terry, Siri came out 8 years ago, yet its playing catchup with Bixby, which still hasn’t arrived.

    3. Rob Terry says

      Apple isn’t worried about Samsungs Bixby. Googles assistant is what it’s going for. In iOS 11 we will see.

    4. Rob Terry says

      RSB Key half of the world and your average customer won’t even know what the hell Bixby is. I bet they know what Siri is.

    5. Aaron TM says

      Rob Terry Samsung keep making their own version of Google apps because they want people to use them. Samsung wants to leave Google and android and sell all of its phones and tablets with their own operating system called Tizen. Samsung’s own branded apps is the start of this divide.

  11. Reflections Observer says

    They could just allow people to remap the button for any custom function. I think many would like that.

    1. lean dsz says

      Reflections Observer u can do that

  12. gusgus240 says

    Who cares for Bixby and Siri….they both suck!

    1. lord and savior gaben says

      gusgus240 bixby doesn’t suck, it’s just useless

    2. Giveit2mehRAW says

      gusgus240 lol the fact that its useless is the very reason why it sucks lol.

    3. Jean Augustin says

      gusgus240 I forgot about Google Assistant and now there’s Bixby too. I’m sorry, but no thanks!

  13. Dirk Diggler says

    wtf what am I going to do know duhhhhhh

    1. Boghara 11 says

      Dirk Diggler ur gonna go to school and learn English

  14. QuietStormX says

    Bixby is too get better as it goes along and with use. Like others they didn’t come out fully at first.

  15. usang rai says

    cause you are jealous with s8…such a well made Device ever made in entire industry with a many more feature comparing to other rivals lol like iOS…….??

    1. Veritox says


  16. Riaan Afrikaner says

    Judging by all the videos CNET has released about the S8 its been largely negative. Hmmm i wonder why Samsung even invited you guys to there testing facility. I should just unsubscribe cause im so sick of one sided news.

  17. D- Sean says

    The iphone 7 telephoto feature didnt arrive at launch but of Course no one made an issue about that and that was the selling point of the i7. But the media is bias towards samsung

  18. Mo Dabbas says

    I think it’s a good thing Bixby is not coming. It’s one of those useless features that you would use once in a blue moon

    1. Devin says

      Mo Dabbas well it is just not at launch

  19. Jarkko Väänänen says

    Or any for that matter. It’s a pointless thing considering Google Assistant exist.

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