BlackBerry Virtual Assistant Walkthrough (Blackberry Intelligent Assistant )

Virtual Assistant

Businesses are looking to outsource key services, and instead of hiring full-time assistants, many are looking for virtual ones. As a virtual assistant, you’ll perform office support duties, such as word processing, data entry, bookkeeping, and research, from your home.

Think about the expertise you can offer and what types of clients you’d like to cater to. Having specialized skills will make you stand out from the competition. Depending on your experience level, you may consider taking a virtual assistant training course, like one from VAClassroom. Find out more and connect with the virtual assistant community through the International Virtual Assistants Association.

BlackBerry Virtual Assistant walkthrough of voice commands.

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  1. Jude Lalonde says

    Awesome man!

  2. TheEseJandro says

    Wolfram Alpha

  3. Obada Al-Zayed says

    Can you make a video showing us BlackBerry Blend and Panorama mode?

    1. AgentJucey says

      will do over the weekend! 🙂 

  4. zin360 says

    this is pretty good

  5. Linus Lloyd Mercado says

    Can’t wait for it!! I’m soooo excited!!

  6. Ivan Cardenas says

    Could you do a review of the kik messenger app on bb10

  7. Marvell Mo says

    It would’ve been good if you tried longer commands like “Send a text message to Steve saying I will not be coming to work today” or “Send an email to Emily with subject Hey and Message Hey Emily, Just saw the pictures from your holiday. They look amazing”

    1. AgentJucey says

      16 minutes… i wasnt sure lots of folks would watch anymore. I could probably do a part 2 for the review. 

    2. Marvell Mo says

      Fair enough. but do those commands actually work though?

    3. AgentJucey says

      yes but it goes in order…who do you want to email, email derek wallace, what would you like the subject to be, r, what would you like to message….message is blah blah blah,…would you like to send 

  8. Ken45 says

    You need to wait until it’s “listening” before you talk…
     You kept talking before and then wondering why it didn’t get it…

    1. AgentJucey says

      yeah thats the worst bit! it needs to listen faster. lol i wish it did

    2. Ken45 says

      I think when they were coding it, they might have did that to be sure it doesn’t hear itself toward the end, lol.

  9. thurm101 says

    I am still on 10.2. I think I will use the leak today.

    1. AgentJucey says

      links on also with an install guide ( videos) 

  10. Aftab Sheikh says

    Lovely maan, Thanks for the great video 😀 

  11. Leecarl Liwanag says

    Good job AJ!!!

  12. Abu Haroon says

    Hey AJ!…..I wanted to ask you something!……sorry to disturb you!…..I am using my BlackBerry Q5 since 1 month!, and I need an app to lock my Whatsapp!……

    Thanks a lot!

  13. Adjan Bakabarkus says

    If you’re doing a 2nd part please try “Close all other applications” I’d like to know what it will do 🙂
    I’m not using my youtube account much, But I’ll follow your channel later on 🙂 Thanks for the video 🙂

  14. Lehakwe Tloti says

    I’m in love!!! I was actually going to wait until the official launch, but after seeing this, I don’t think I can. 

  15. lmuzzammil says

    Can you use location based reminders with BlackBerry assistant?

  16. Muhammad Faheem says

    hey can you please tell me when OS 10.3 officially releasing for Q10 ?

  17. FBG//Mane says

    what phone is this?

  18. Vincent D says

    It’s amazing every OS/manufacturer has a personal assistant (iOS and Siri, Android and Google Now, BBOS and BlackBerry Assistant, Samsung and S Voice, and Windows Phone and Cortana). I can’t wait for a comparison between them, 

  19. Don Roa says

    Who does not hit the like button….just ignore those two innocent dumbos…your explanations are just awesome. Have you done any videos for Nat.Geo. Am waiting for your awesome videos esp.of BB Passport..If you own a BB showroom, I bet you can sell 50-100 BBs when you give a demo each time. you are one awesome talented person. am’nt flattering you. people like you are really rare on the net these days…Thank you  …meanwhile, I could see your reflection in the glass of Q5 in one of the Q5 videos. You are cute too…keep uploading…..You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Damoskinos says

    Very Informative

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