Career Step Reviews: Dana, Medical Transcription Graduate and Military Spouse

Medical Transcription

Because they perform a necessary function, medical transcriptionists are always in demand. And with its low overhead — you’ll need a computer, Internet access, a printer, headphones, medical dictionaries, and a foot pedal and software for audio playback — this business is easy to start.

Medical transcriptionists listen to audio recordings of medical records, such as doctors’ notes, X-ray reports, and discharge summaries, and transcribe them into a word processing program. You must be able to listen and type at the same time, and quickly. A medical spellchecker helps, and you can get a system for rapid text entry, such as Instant Text. Find out about training and connect with others in the field through the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

– Dana, a military spouse and Career Step Medical Transcription graduate describes why she chose Career Step's Medical Transcription online training program and how it fit with her life as a mom and military wife. Learn more about the career and training program today.

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  1. TheSouthernhumanity4 says

    There are “cons” to being an MT.  Nobody talks about the “cons”.  One is having co-workers, other MTs, who constantly hit their “abandon and break” buttons because they don’t want to type difficult dictation jobs coming up on their cues, or they “pretend” to take a break and log out, leaving the difficult dictations for other MTs.  On top of this, we have account managers and MT supervisors who absolutely will not do anything about this.  All of this affects your line counts, which, in turn, affects your pay checks.  This is a CHRONIC AND ONGOING problem, no matter who you work for.  
    Another problem:  Nobody cares about quality.  Those who do top quality work are the least paid, and those who put out slop make the most, because they are going faster, not looking anything up, putting out crap and getting the larger line counts.  It takes time to put out quality work and that slows down your lines.
    Management doesn’t care.  Management’s philosophy is:  DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.  That’s a fact.  I can’t even half-read the reports my co-workers are putting out, but it doesn’t matter because DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.  Slop is okay, as long as it’s DONE.  What management WILL do, is find out who does quality work, and make sure those MTs get all of the hard and difficult dictators and jobs.  Is that fair?  No.  It is not, BUT, after all, who cares?  

  2. Dana Jasper says

    As full disclosure, I am the former medical transcriptionist (MT) featured in this video, which was filmed over 2 years ago. I was an MT from 2008-2014. I ceased being an MT in order to pursue a career as a nurse. Being an MT was good while it lasted, but I found the pay rate for work was declining each year with nearly all the work I performed being editing of speech recognition draft documents, which paid even less. It just wasn’t worth my time anymore. I have no ability to remove this video because CareerStep owns it, but I felt compelled to comment in order as a matter of accuracy 2 years from the time it was originally posted.

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