Collection Agency has tips for basic accounts receivables questions

Debt Collection Agency

With scores of people falling behind on debts, now’s the perfect time to start a debt collection agency, which requires little more than a phone and a computer. You’ll help retailers, hospitals, and credit card companies recover money they’re owed, and in return you’ll get a percentage of the collected debt.

Before starting, you need to fully understand the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also research state and local regulations, such as licensing. Though not required, training or a degree in business or finance may add credibility to your company. Finally, realize that debt collection requires a certain amount of finesse, empathy, and resolve.

This collection agency is going right back to the basics with accounts receivables 101. With solid tips for getting late-paying and non-paying customers to get current on their bills, American Profit Recovery has tips for getting your accounts receivables on solid footing. There are many collection agencies out there but only APR will give you these tips for getting your internal house in order.

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