CONSULTING 101: What do consultants do? (spoof video)


Directed & Edited by: Annie Lukowski ( (
Written by: Kristin Wald
Boss (Herman): Matt Corboy
Jay Ellis
Kristin Wald
Daved Wilkins
Emily Churchill
Frank Martinelli
Kay Wilson
Janet Cao
Missy Patterson

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  1. dokabenmonth says

    Every people on Quora ever.

  2. Murray Saucedo says

    The point is not merely to increase customer satisfaction. The point is to learn our branding. A well-planned target transfers the adoptable expertise up-front, while our Quality Management Systems deepen synchronized enablers. Holistic differentiators influence the team players within the cube. The Principal President of Facilities Management manages the mix. Vision-setting breakthroughes influence our incentive. The partners dramatically foster our business models because a brand pyramid produces a profitable expansion. A high-margin rollout plan enforces a leading, service-oriented, high-priority and genuine branding, whilst the thinkers/planners promote responsive, enhanced and proactive landscapes. The policy makers rebalance our scalable challenges ahead of schedule. The partners stay in the zone. The resources maximize a respect; nevertheless the clients empower profiles on a transitional basis. Superior and/or productive support structures aggressively prioritize the group 50/50. In the same time, smooth transitions promote the board-level executives. The enablers significantly streamline issues, while a fast-evolving connectivity cultivates white papers.

  3. Crystal Guo says

    Lol is it depressing or not if I kinda understand most of it

  4. desmond price says

    A little bit funny and a big bit depressing. These people are costing us millions.

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