Financial Accounting – Balance Sheet


With loads of businesses looking to save money by outsourcing accounting services to qualified individuals, certified public accountants can make a solid income.

Starting a CPA business from home requires relatively low overhead, but it may take a time to land the clients needed to turn a profit. You can market your services through networking, and you might consider starting your business part time until it gets off the ground.

While you can be an accountant without CPA certification, CPAs have a strong advantage over their noncertified peers. Visit the American Institute of CPAs website for information on specific state requirements.

This video goes over the accounting equation and how it relates to the Balance Sheet. It also explains the balance sheet both comparative and classified

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  1. Marquis Dendy says

    I go to a College in Florida and your videos are helping me understand Financial Accounting before I take the class.

    Thank you for taking the time out to educate students on the internet.

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    Thanks so much, you’re better at explaining than my accounting teacher

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    is owners equity necessary in balance sheet ?

    1. Uber Goose says

      yes it is

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    You are a great teacher. You explained things so clearly. It took me an hour to learn this concept from my textbook whereas you explained it even better in just ten minutes! Thank you.

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    what is means balance sheet

  11. Cabdi Pep says

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    I wish you were my professor!!! My professor doesnt take time to explain but now im understanding thank you

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    This is such a simplified and easy-to-understand concept the way it’s been explained in this video by this professor. Loved it!

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    Very Helpful!

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    This is great! You explain everything so well! I am using these informative videos to study for my finals at Uni in Germany!

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