GTA 5 (V) Mission #3 ‘Repossession’ (1080p HD)


This is another business that benefits from a down economy. In this trade, you’ll repossess vehicles on behalf of banks and loan companies from borrowers who fail to make payments.

Once you’re experienced, repossessing a vehicle is a quick job, and you can make a lot of profit. Keep in mind, though, that the startup expenses can be substantial, including a tow truck, storage space, insurance, licensing, and more. You’ll need to be well-versed in the repo laws for your state, and, of course, have the temperament to handle run-ins with potentially disgruntled borrowers.

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  1. Hector Paz says

    name of the song ? in 8:35 

  2. Shock says

    Stop right at 0:40 and you will see franklin is a Clinton lol

  3. Dylz does Games says

    4:10 thank me later

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