How to Create a Basic Website Design Template Using PHP, CSS, and XHTML Part 3 of 3

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In today’s tech-savvy world, more and more businesses and organizations are realizing that DIY websites or—gasp—no website at all just won’t cut it. And now that mobile Internet usage has officially overtaken desktop usage, the do-it-yourselfers are having a hard time designing websites that are smartphone compatible.

If you’ve got what it takes, Web design can make for a satisfying career. But the road isn’t easy: You’ll need to be able to market your skills effectively to stand out. A network as much as possible. You can start a blog, speak at local events, and learn from others in your field. You’ll also need to have the skills to complete complex projects and the personality to please demanding customers.

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Learn how to create a basic static page website design template using php, css, and xhtml. Using website templates like the one you'll learn to make here helps cut down on the rewriting of code and saves you a ton of time. This is a basic template we'll use to build more advanced website designs and templates.

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  1. Bhagyashree More says

    hey thnx a lot for dis video dis iz d best way to learn tags thnx a lot for xplng each n evry tag..

  2. Geoff Nelson says

    Sweet short to the point series. Watched a few others that went into more detail but this really made the basics of the site layout very simple. Off to slice up my template and put this new knowledge to use! Thanks and you earned a new sub. Maybe I’ll shoot you a link when I get it up and going so you can see how I took your info and made it work! Very excited. Thanks again!!

    1. John Morris says

      Thanks! Appreciate it!

  3. Majd Awad says

    well , I like that . Good work 🙂

  4. Jonas Crausos says

    thanks you so much ‘s really beginner but i learn alot for this tutorial…keep it up and more tut to come..Godbless 🙂

    1. John Morris says


  5. Oliver Hebden says

    I have a huge problem, I copied exactly what you did so far but when I go to view it there is nothing but the word index?

    1. Jonathan Greensted says


  6. NukeTripper says


  7. Sean Milligan says

    Really enjoyed the basic web design blog (I am a novice when it comes to web design). I have a question. I’ve entered the code as you have provided in the video blog (checked it 3 times and all is correct). That said my finished product looks different than yours. Your LOGO and Header subscribe are on the same row when displayed. Mine however has the Header subscribe below the LOGO. As a point of note I am using Dreamweaver CC to view my design (I mention this on the chance that this is the cause). Any help you can offer is appreciated. 

    1. John Morris says

      I’d have to see code. If you could post it in pastebin or something similar I could take a look.

  8. KatyPeezy says

    CREATE PART 4 GOD DAMNIT 😉 <3 ... No seriously though... Seeing a Part 3 of 3 gives a lot of us an instant "DEAD END"... (the lazy of us anyway)  Please put somewhere in the INFO area of this video ... a link to the continuation of this series if there is any. THAT. would be the noble thing to do.

  9. Sukhbinder Bhogal says

    Good Videos … 

  10. Maurice Joway says

    Hey I have follow all your 3 video can u make part 4 and so on. I’m try to build a live video site. Can u please help me out.

    1. Maurice Joway says


  11. MD Apu says

    Your tutorial named “how to create a basic website design……” but this videos are only about what is HTML and CSS, and PHP is in vacation ..

    U were not focused on your subject…. Just I was wasted my time here, and U’r responsible for this….

  12. Quentin says

    thx John great simple tutorial on making a php template

  13. Bash says

    my css styles doesn’t work.. I have put them in the same folder the rest with my .php files , pls help

  14. Micheal Harrison says

    Our PHP Template

    < ?php include('header.php'); ?>
    < ?php include('sidebar.php'); ?>

    < ?php include('footer.php'); ?>


    add this to the header.php I have tried the method with what you suggested when using
    the footer.php, sidebar.php the index.php does not pull them into chrome. The only way
    to get the method is by doing the style.css first then add the above into the header.php
    instead of working with 3 or more 5 files just move all into the header.php. If you did the
    above with the single.php & the index.php it is just used as a reference point.

  15. Christina Cota says

    How do you apply the CSS to the templates?

  16. Vlaine Srido says

    Rather than explaining very much why you don’t show us ..what it function if.. for example you explain about navbar in 3:40 to up

  17. DevTech Plus says

    how can i preview my work i have done with php. anytime i do, i opens as codes

  18. Charles Hacker Jr. says

    This is a good tutorial. It provides a good starting pioint for anyone learning PHP

  19. Eddard Stark says

    I didn’t saw any xhtml in the 3 video parts… its good content but change this title for god sake.

    1. Eddard Stark says

      In this Playlist you only used .php for pages, xhtml was not used at all, what are u talking about?

    2. John Morris says

      +Eddard Stark you know you write html, xhtml, etc in a page with .php extension. That has nothing to do with whether or not the page is xhtml.

    3. Eddard Stark says

      Why someone would use xhtml with php if xhtml is for java/jsf/jsp/scriptlet? Strange

    4. John Morris says

      +Eddard Stark Well, 8 years ago, when this video was made, there was a push to have XHTML replace HTML in order to have a more scrict syntax. That died out and we got HTML5. But, the use of XHTML in this video is the same as you’d use HTML in a .php file, today. It’s done constantly.

    5. Eddard Stark says

      Im just learning jsp/jsf/primefaces and templating is beying very frustating, when to use , even importing css and none tutorial killed this frustation, thats why i comment but now i gave up templating, i will ctrl c ctrl v all and finish my work, because haven’t much time, sorry for my noobness comments, thanks! cya

  20. Tutumani Medhi says

    This is good building blocks to learn website building.

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