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Hey guys! Today's video is a tutorial on how to do your own gel manicure at home, using the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit! Hope you enjoy, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! xoxo Anna

Red Carpet Manicure products are available here!

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  1. Sarah Howard says

    Hi Anna this Kit looks good i was just wondering how long these lasted? Thank you 🙂 x

  2. Melissa Boyd says

    Nice job! It’s all about the thinness of the coats that make the difference. It was good of you to remind everyone! 🙂

  3. Anna Davis says

    I got a gel lamp for Christmas. It is the Thermal Spa 36W lamp. I ordered it from Amazon, and it has already paid for itself. VERY worth it.

  4. Doreen Lorenzano says

    Where did u get the kit at and what’s the name of it u did Rilly good I like it

  5. Djk8263 says

    Its nice that the light is LED and not UV due to health reasons. The Revitalize smells amazing too. I usually smudge regular nail polish no matter how long I let it dry (if I do a base coat, 2 coats of color, and a top coat for longer wear, since I hate chipped nails too).  With this, it was dry immediately, and for the first time in my nail painting life, I have an unsmudged manicure!!!

  6. dumplings1688 says

    I have been doing gel nails done for awhile. I absolutely love it just bec it doesn’t chip! Even after 3 weeks! I just go back bec when my nails grow, and they grow fast; a new application is better. But I love it. Saves me time of having to reapply esp since I do house work.

  7. appletv2000 says

    nice job also came u do more nail tutorials

  8. spindizzyfall says

    I’ve been watching your family channel lately and just found you had your own channel when I was checking out the other Red Carpet Manicure tutorials (because I’ve just done one myself)! So glad I found your channel! x

  9. dunnerbekka says

    Awh its sad cos they dont live in tha house anymore in cork they moved to the uk they left me and the rest of us irish behind

  10. Libby Hadnett says


  11. Ismail Bolden says

    She’s sexy…..and those red nails make me go ape!!

    1. Emma Jackson says

      he’s not a creep. he’s not stocking her or anything. he’s just stating. shes beautiful and loves red nails.. really. judgmental freaks..

    2. Ismail Bolden says

      +Emma Jackson Thank you!! They act as if they’re perfect little angels and so pure, yet I’m betting these same ones would say and do the most perverted things if Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, or Sofia Vegara’s husband walked up to their doorstep and ask to sleep with them. Yeah I maybe exaggerating, but if even complimenting on someone’s nails is too creepy then somebody got some serious issues.

    3. Ismail Bolden says

      I like her hair
      She has a nice smile
      I’m not attracted to her
      “You must be gay” / “You’re just mad cause she doesn’t wanna sleep with you”

    4. Emma Jackson says

      I agree. Lol. stupid lol.. they are the creeps

  12. Ismail Bolden says

    what’s your nationality? cause I could hear a little bit of an accent from you

    1. Omgitszoey says

      She’s Irish 🙂

    2. Ismail Bolden says

      Hottest Irish woman I’ve ever seen!!! 😀

    3. says

      she’s not completely irish, she’s italian in half,born in America

    4. Ismail Bolden says

      whatever Idc….she turns me on!!!

  13. ToniMattTony says

    What would you think of a product that would allow you to wear gel nail polish for up to 12 days and then take it off without Acetone or grinding?

    1. Discount Zone says

      +ToniMattTony Buy Nail Gel Polish Kit in United Kingdom here: http://www.bit ly/1GtJEma
      (replace spaces with dots)

  14. DanielaS.95 says

    How long did they end up lasting?

  15. Lara Thomas says

    where about did u get it from and how much because I have always wanted one but could never find one.

  16. elevateyourthoughts says

    I have a question! Do your nails have to be long to do this? I tried my first gelish manicure at home with short nails & they started chipping. Maybe i did it wrong?

    1. Rose Kay says

      +elevateyourthoughts My nails are pretty short right now and I’ve had my gel mani on for about a week now with no chipping. Try buffing your nails a bit before you apply the manicure. I think that helps mine last longer when my nails are short.

    2. Nics Beauty says

      When you apply the gel each coat make sure u cap it at the end of the nail to prevent chipping

  17. Elaine Dufoe says

    Amen sister! No polish at all is always and forever better than running around with chipped polish. So unsophisticated.

  18. Scott Myers says

    Too short.

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