How to Manage Your Virtual Assistant and Team for Free Using Trello – Part 3 of 3

Virtual Assistant

Businesses are looking to outsource key services, and instead of hiring full-time assistants, many are looking for virtual ones. As a virtual assistant, you’ll perform office support duties, such as word processing, data entry, bookkeeping, and research, from your home.

Think about the expertise you can offer and what types of clients you’d like to cater to. Having specialized skills will make you stand out from the competition. Depending on your experience level, you may consider taking a virtual assistant training course, like one from VAClassroom. Find out more and connect with the virtual assistant community through the International Virtual Assistants Association.

In this, the third of three videos on hiring and managing a virtual assistant using oDesk, I show you exactly how to manage your team using the free online tool, Trello.

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  1. Karen Umbehr says

    I wish you had done more videos. I really like the one on Trello, if fact I send people to it when I hire them.

  2. Stasha Kay Life Tools Test Site says

    Yes, audio is excellent, I have the same question as Ryan, what program or mic do you use? Thanks for the videos!

  3. Sylvie McCracken says

    great video- thanks!

  4. supervitallica says

    great, thanks for the video series!

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