Make Up To $50 An Hour As An Online Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Businesses are looking to outsource key services, and instead of hiring full-time assistants, many are looking for virtual ones. As a virtual assistant, you’ll perform office support duties, such as word processing, data entry, bookkeeping, and research, from your home.

Think about the expertise you can offer and what types of clients you’d like to cater to. Having specialized skills will make you stand out from the competition. Depending on your experience level, you may consider taking a virtual assistant training course, like one from VAClassroom. Find out more and connect with the virtual assistant community through the International Virtual Assistants Association.

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants


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  1. Jaye Lo says

    .going to check those sites out because Im a SAHM so I’m looking flexible and non phone jobs.. If you know of any great jobs please let me know or maybe a video..thx

    1. Jaye Lo says

      +Melecia At Home thank u

  2. Narjah Stewart says

    Hi Sis, what would you say is the best headset for working at home.

    1. Melecia At Home says

      +Narjah Stewart Most companies recommend logitech USB Headset. I used those. You can get one from walmart for around $30

    2. Narjah Stewart says

      +Melecia At Home thank you

  3. perez074 says

    I want to work as a VA. Which company will hire me with no experience? But I have been an Assistant in the past

  4. Lorraine Richard says

    Fancy Hands, what is the information to get started…..your video is way too much talking and not giving the proper information

    1. Melecia At Home says

      lol considering I am a quiet person, i take the too much talking as a compliment. If you feel you did not get the information you wanted simply ask questions:). The proper information would be a 1 min video simply telling you to click on the link provided and get the info yourself. I will keep that in mind for you:) in the mean time….click on the link posted in the description box, located below the video to get more information:)

    2. Lorraine Richard says

      I didnt mean it as a insult….I guess Im just too impatient but thank you for the information.

    3. Lorraine Richard says

      Can you put the link in the reply, because I dont see it…thank you

  5. SE ASIA says

    Melica Gays make wonderful agents ! Like I said when you hook up JJ n John with a company will pay your monthly percentage! They are experienced agents Excel Appointment Setting Sales Accounting. Excellent English n have family in the USA..JJ n John will interview on Skype for you. They attend Church of Tomorrow’s World every week now very nice n kind ! Wait to hear from you! will provide there Skype ! They stay with me at my Tropical Villa with internet 5 MBPS speed. God Bless Marcus

  6. SE ASIA says

    From Philippines Idiot not promoting anything. Your simply not interested with our request. I found a broker ! Your moody Americano at times it seems! You don’t have the ability to serve call centres in Asia. World’s great wealth now in Asia not AMERICA anymore! It’s true! Wish you well always! SE ASIA

    1. Melecia At Home says

      you posted almost 10 comments on different videos. that by definition is SPAMMING. one post would have done it or private message. I was warning you of what could happen. Never said I can serve ASIA, I live in US so why dont you find someone in ASIA?? I could care less about How much wealth in ASIA. Go Spam Them then!

    2. blutv says

      +Melecia At Home dam girl were u from

  7. Gemma G Blakely says

    Thanks for your help! Needing a little summer work. Keep up the good work!

  8. Kirui Cosmas says

    How do I enroll? Please I interested with typing jobs at home,guide on how to begin. Post typing work I begin now,for the last month I struggle trying to get a typing work but in vain

  9. Christopher Onuorah says

    hi melicia could you please leave a list of the companies both employee and independent contractors in the description bar. thank you.

  10. B Steel says

    love it.

  11. Nathaniel Kidd says

    Hi.  Are you still a VA.  I am very interested in becoming one.

  12. Canadian Virtual Assistant Services says

    informative and useful video…

  13. Divya H B says

    I need to do dis type of job…I’m jobless ..

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