Minecraft Jobs-Little Kelly Adventures- WORKING IN A BAKERY!


Americans’ love affair with desserts — the cuter and tinier, the better — seems to have kicked into overdrive. If you’ve got a knack for making delectable desserts, consider starting a home-based bakery. You can offer your desserts for delivery or pickup, parties, and sell them from stores and online.

Before getting started, contact your local public health department to find out about the laws governing at-home food production. New cottage food laws passed and pending in many states are making it easier to start a food business at home without a commercial kitchen. Other considerations are drafting a solid business plan, packaging, marketing, and, of course, using your tastiest recipes to keep customers coming back!

Minecraft Jobs-Little Kelly Adventures- WORKING IN A BAKERY! w/ Little Carly

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  1. Stoc Forza and MORE! says

    Wow all you and little Carly think of is cakes and donuts

    1. Little Smokey says

      Banana Spits SHE MADE ME HUNGRY

    2. thu vo minh says

      Vincia Julia Kuo

  2. super girl says

    so if you like cakes give a thumbs up

    1. KhloeWithKaden a Together Day! says


    2. ardhfinsyah putra says

      super girl its soo good

    3. Maria Del Carmen Dumois says

      super girl Loo

  3. Girly gamerRoblox&more says

    love your videos little kelly ❤❤❤❤

  4. Don Rainey says


  5. Marithel Tiangco says

    when I grow I wanna be a chef

  6. justine chandra Lie says

    so fi you like bake give a thumbs

  7. Alex Bright says

    Are you in greenfield Yes or a No please make your choice.
    I also give this one a thumbs up

  8. DestinyPlayz says

    All of the mods you use:


    XL Food mod

    Custom NPCs

  9. juju bbh says

    did you tell king tom

  10. Zoe Garcia says

    I just started watching Minecraft Jobs and I love it!

  11. Bianca Morais says

    find the difference???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Ken Beaupre says

    i have little carly’s and little kelly’s skin in minecraft lol

  13. Athea Youtubing says

    your cakes are do delicious

  14. XxkawaiixX Forever says

    little kelly the pie is on the floor ????

  15. elizabete ozo says

    kelly you haw a map of this world and your Kingdom?

  16. Jade PlayzGamez says

    can sub to my channel and can u get msp plz love ur little carly and little kelly

  17. Emily Detor says

    Donnie Want U Back with him

  18. Girly gamerRoblox&more says

    Fins the difference


  19. Rares Bogdan says

    i like you litle kelly and i like litle carly and i dot like ramona it realy bad and i like you’r dad and mom in minecraft

  20. Shekinah Pineda says


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