National Recovery Agency – What To Do When You Receive A Collection Notice

Debt Collection Agency

With scores of people falling behind on debts, now’s the perfect time to start a debt collection agency, which requires little more than a phone and a computer. You’ll help retailers, hospitals, and credit card companies recover money they’re owed, and in return you’ll get a percentage of the collected debt.

Before starting, you need to fully understand the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Also research state and local regulations, such as licensing. Though not required, training or a degree in business or finance may add credibility to your company. Finally, realize that debt collection requires a certain amount of finesse, empathy, and resolve.

What To Do When You Receive A Collection Notice from National Recovery Agency. National Recovery Agency is a nationwide provider of accounts receivable management. We have been helping consumers resolve financial obligations since 1976 and are committed to 100% customer service. At NRA, we are committed to providing you excellent customer while recovering your obligation. We are happy to assist you with resolving your debt. Please give us a call at 1-800-773-4503.

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  1. Grasstronix says

    Let’s just keep in mind that I am not a big fan of my
    These people and people like them call me about my ex-wife’s
    old debt constantly. The phone number they are calling, the address they send
    mail to, and her last name all changed about 7 years ago. This all tells me
    that they have not updated the files in as many years. If all of the information
    so far is years out of date, why would anybody (with any kind of common sense)
    think that the rest of the information is anywhere near accurate?


    For years I tried to correct them and give them up to date
    information but the calls and mail never stop. How many people have to deal
    with this level of incompetence every single day? Attention all bill collectors:

  2. Purplechu2 says

    I just got a call from a supposed number from you, doesn’t look like the number matched at all.Anything I owe should have been paid off or can be paid off without debt collectors.

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