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Legal Transcription

To become a legal transcriptionist, you’ll need the same equipment as a medical transcriptionist (but swap those medical dictionaries for legal ones). You can work from home transcribing client interviews, court hearings, depositions, interrogations, and more.

As with medical transcription, top-notch typing skills are a must. While legal transcription training isn’t required, it will give you the legal terminology and legal formatting knowledge you need to succeed. Check local community colleges or search online for transcription training courses.

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We are specialists in the transcription in of interviews, meetings, focus groups, investigations, legal dictation, court hearings, insurance reports, scope of works, finance, medical, medico-legal and media transcription.Our vast experience in transcription services around has made us front runners in terms of excellence and timely product.Our turnaround times are dependent on your requirements. Generally we will provide a 60 minute audio within 2-3 working days and for larger projects up to 10 audio hours per week.

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