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Americans’ love affair with desserts — the cuter and tinier, the better — seems to have kicked into overdrive. If you’ve got a knack for making delectable desserts, consider starting a home-based bakery. You can offer your desserts for delivery or pickup, parties, and sell them from stores and online.

Before getting started, contact your local public health department to find out about the laws governing at-home food production. New cottage food laws passed and pending in many states are making it easier to start a food business at home without a commercial kitchen. Other considerations are drafting a solid business plan, packaging, marketing, and, of course, using your tastiest recipes to keep customers coming back!

This light airdrying clay makes some super duper cute little bakery treats! The Poppit Pop'n'Display Bakery Set has molds to make donuts, cakes, tarts, macarons and decorate them in whatever creative way you wish! This was the funnest (made that word up) set yet with so many options and decorating choices. And then to display them in their cute little cases – there's a shop window, a two tiered cake stand, a macaron box and a donut box too. If you haven't checked out Poppit clay yet, you should, there are oodles of different choices from bunnies, baked goods to Shopkins!

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  1. Tegan's Slime and Pets ! says

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  2. harry styles says

    the top of the cake looks like pizza (#PIZZACAKE!)

    1. Katalina Ibarra-Pereira says

      you are the best in the world I love you

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  3. Analicia Perkins says

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  4. Sam Tab says

    l love them all and they look so real yummy

  5. Krystal Harris says

    What school dose Mille go to

  6. Anabel Fichardt says

    I think the video was amazing ??????

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  8. JANET CRUZ says

    I’ve never tried macaroons before but they look good.??

  9. emmy k says

    I got so caught up in the coments that I forgot to watch the video??

  10. kenny garnett says

    how much did you paid for it

  11. Carolyn McIntyre says

    I am from Scotland and I love macaroons

    1. Toy Girl Gao says

      Well I don’t!

  12. Naomi Wright says

    that blue layer on the top of the birthday cake looks like a pizza slice

  13. Toy Girl Gao says

    I always like Ellie’s nails!

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  15. Skye Foulkes says

    love it cepe it up

  16. Jerry Abue says

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  17. Jerry Abue says

    that’s so hummy ??????????

  18. Tickler13misty13 -ROBLOX account says

    I have that set! But my clay never worked 🙁

  19. Maria Cyra Caboteja says

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