Repossessed junk and Big wheels junk


This is another business that benefits from a down economy. In this trade, you’ll repossess vehicles on behalf of banks and loan companies from borrowers who fail to make payments.

Once you’re experienced, repossessing a vehicle is a quick job, and you can make a lot of profit. Keep in mind, though, that the startup expenses can be substantial, including a tow truck, storage space, insurance, licensing, and more. You’ll need to be well-versed in the repo laws for your state, and, of course, have the temperament to handle run-ins with potentially disgruntled borrowers.

The big wheelers must be really mad, be like them and vote with your thumb! 16819 dislikes as of 10-20-16 Thanks for nothing

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  1. hippa2dahoppa2 says

    when you said at the end thats one way to kill yourself spacers, are you referring to the way the car drives with them? i had the same kind of car, monte carlo and needed spacers/adapters because they wouldnt turn without them. they make the car drive HORRIBLE. so if thats what your refering to i totally agree with you. i could not drive over 60 mph or the car would shake. you have to be a really good driver to use them imo. one time a cop pulled me over and said i was going 110mpg he was obviously harassing me for having a nice car, i told him i know i wasnt going over 100 because youd be ticketing me, and my car cant go faster then 60 without wrecking. but to be a nice guy i let him search my car to speed things up and he was on his way. what i really wanted to do was tell him eat a bag of dicks lol

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      Yea, those wheel spacers are dangerous, I would not trust them on wheels. If the wheels don’t fit. Don’t run them. I run my vehicles fast and so does everyone else on the road in this state, If you want to play around with different wheels make sure they fit and they are not too far from what the factory overall diameter was for whatever size wheel it had originally. Alot of R and D goes into wheels and tires for a particular vehicle. I driven so many cars on big oversized wheels and everyone was scary to drive. Most all of those big wheels and the spacers are made in china. Some I picked up were crashed and the Chinese wheels broke so easy with a light impact! So are the tires they run to save $$ with those ridiculous large tire sizes, as name brand tires are $$. Run USA/ Europe/Japan stuff.

    2. hippa2dahoppa2 says

      +Ghetto Wagon i totally agree with you. i bought mine about 6 years ago. maybe even longer. they were 18 inch chrome split 5 stars for 800$ on run flat tires. i didnt know they were factory lexus rims made specifically for one of their sports cars. the guy i bought them from had them on a grand prix lol. but they looked really nice and back then 18 was considered pretty big. it was my first set of rims. it burned through the tires fast because you cant align them very good. i rotated them but they are one direction so i got about a summer and a half out of the first pair. replaced those and they were really expensive, same thing about a summer and a half. i havent put them back on in a while because i need new tires. i have another car i drive more often if im going far. next year i may put them back on mainly for local area and just because i really like them. i have a chrysler concorde 2000 after the monte carlo but it has the same issue as said. the adapters so far seem strong ive put them to a wire wheel to clean them up a few times after storage but now that u mention they break ima look for a stamp and be extra carefull.

    3. Facts don't care about your feelings says

      Spacers are fine I’ve been using them for over 10 years and I’ve never had a problem, torque them properly and don’t buy cheap ones the same goes for everything

    4. Ghetto Wagon says

      If they were fine the OE manufactures would use them and some states would not of outlawed them

  2. Facts don't care about your feelings says

    Been driving with spacers on just about every car I’ve ever owned for the last 10 years never had a problem

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      I would not recommend them when someone uses them to change the bolt pattern. They fail in some states for safety.

  3. Earl David Worden Is a CONVICTED RAPIST says

    WTF those wheels look like something from Woodstock. Only in America do NIGGERS and SPICS drive around with those idiotic fucking wheels

    1. D BRONCOS says

      funny cause I seen many crackers with those ugly rims

  4. Jorge Miguel says

    Building the cars and truck you use and take back every day. That is what big corps. do right

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      +Stang Guy 302
      Who are you?

    2. Ghetto Wagon says

      I don’t take back cars, I transported them.  The bank financed them, the dealer sold them

    3. Ghetto Wagon says


  5. Corey Schmidt says

    Big corporations screwing up biodiesel for hippies? Last time I checked rendering plants have had a similar sign on their trucks for decades. And rendering plants have been around since the industrial revolution. And two, why don’t you spend about $200 for a nice wireless tow light bar rather than using those $15 pieces of crap from harbor freight.

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      Yea they used to give away the grease. Now there is no market for it anymore around here so who cares. Not like I am building a grease car or truck. As for the lights last time I checked that is what this moron place supplied. Its good 3 years passed, I am sure they have been replaced. Wireless tow lights, last time I checked I never liked them too much, they are not very bright.

    2. Ghetto Wagon says

      All I know about grease is from those who used to go around and recycle it themselves.  No the LED lights are way less brighter than the LED wired lights  + some states have a requirement that the lights should be X amount apart from each other.  Do you happen to sell those wired lights? You seem to want to sell them. . +Corey Schmidt

  6. Chris G says

    ”one way to kill yourself” lol

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      That book with 10,000’s ways is scary! Wheel dapta’z be in there

    2. Chris G says

      Especially with truck rims

  7. Lone Texan says


  8. Jonnyonwheels says

    Get rid of your harbor freight tow lights & get some towmate’s, and a 400lb counterweight under the front bumper is what you need on your truck

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      This company would never do it, they were assholes.

  9. IVEMER says

    rims are a new market huh?
    anything ugly made from sneakers or painted silver = easy thousands of dollars lol

    1. Ghetto Wagon says

      Yup, that’s how it works these days, crazy.

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