The Sopranos – Chris at the bakery


Americans’ love affair with desserts — the cuter and tinier, the better — seems to have kicked into overdrive. If you’ve got a knack for making delectable desserts, consider starting a home-based bakery. You can offer your desserts for delivery or pickup, parties, and sell them from stores and online.

Before getting started, contact your local public health department to find out about the laws governing at-home food production. New cottage food laws passed and pending in many states are making it easier to start a food business at home without a commercial kitchen. Other considerations are drafting a solid business plan, packaging, marketing, and, of course, using your tastiest recipes to keep customers coming back!

Chris shoot the bakery guy

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    Vito wasn’t waiting for some pastries. He came looking for man’s butt.

    1. francis p says

      he was gino in this scene not vito.

    2. UBUNTU UBUNTU says

      +francis p He goes by Gino here because he just left the fag bar and didn’t want anybody to know.

    3. francis p says

      hopefully Sal won’t say nuttin’.

    4. D Lee says

      +francis p Heh never noticed that guy was Vito

  2. Vitéz Beverneky says

    “It happens” Spider got his revenge

  3. Ramon Suarez says

    Wonderful nod to Goodfellas by the same actor who had his foot shot in that movie.

    1. Blood Beryl says

      oooh we got a detective here folks, i would’ve never caught that reference had it not been for you!

    2. Ramon Suarez says

      Your welcome.

  4. Simone Tanzi says

    motherficker, am i the only one who did not notice vito’s “pre-cameo”??

  5. KingDT2007 says

    Vito Subway is next door they have a deal on foot longs

  6. Jason Doty says

    This is how Christopher Moltisanti takes care of business, like a fucking boss!

  7. jaslow west says

    now gimme the shine box

  8. Jacob Richardson says

    One of my favorite scenes

  9. Francisco Rodriguez says

    pastry shinebox

  10. Ken U says

    I have to be loyle to my capo lmao

  11. fuckarsim says

    Get a shinebox, move it!

  12. James Davidson says

    The most important line here is show some respect. Chrissy never properly felt respected through the entire show

  13. Matt Pizzano says

    Okay, get a pastry box!

    When you hear someone say that, it’s about to go down!

  14. John Clark says

    Gino wasn’t Vito yet!

  15. Kommandant Franz says

    loyle to my capo

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