Unlawful Repossession = Stolen Ride – $2000 = Piece of Mind


This is another business that benefits from a down economy. In this trade, you’ll repossess vehicles on behalf of banks and loan companies from borrowers who fail to make payments.

Once you’re experienced, repossessing a vehicle is a quick job, and you can make a lot of profit. Keep in mind, though, that the startup expenses can be substantial, including a tow truck, storage space, insurance, licensing, and more. You’ll need to be well-versed in the repo laws for your state, and, of course, have the temperament to handle run-ins with potentially disgruntled borrowers.


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  1. meh says

    Always check the VIN. Always. Always. Always. You won’t have much of a leg to stand on in court. You guys stole their car. Doesn’t really matter. Had they taken you to court, you’d be out a lot more than $4K. Your driver should be in jail for theft. I really hope that guy no longer works for you. That’s basic repo — take 30 seconds and verify the VIN. It’s not worth the potential criminal charges for trespassing and theft (or worse). You said it happens 3-4 times a year?? Wow… those aren’t very good numbers. My clients would have dumped you after the first one. There is is zero tolerance for wrongful repo in my neck of the woods. You get one wrong? You’re done. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

    1. Richard Mackino says

      I do this for a living. I always check the vin and the tag number, ALWAYS!

    2. Justin B says

      Richard Mackino are you on the drugs he’s on as well?

    3. Richard Mackino says

      Apparently you maybe the way you act.

    4. Justin B says

      Richard Mackino I was asking a simple yes or no question.

    5. meh says

      Why would you ask if he’s on drugs….for doing his JOB? Any repo driver or spotter who fails to verify a VIN before taking a vehicle is acting irresponsibly, and they are stealing. Shoot, right now I’m just workg as a spotter and do mediation/communication. I never, ever EVER proceed unless I’m 120% sure I have the right vehicle. That’s my professional license on the line and I don’t do shady. If it could get me arrested, I don’t do it. I act 100% within the law, local, state and federal. The key to this job is knowing the laws first and treating people with respect. It’s amazing how successful one can be when you remain above board.

  2. Robert Kraft says

    They let you slide easy, I’d have drug your arse right into court.

    1. ThatGuy182545 says

      Robert Kraft If it were me you’d be in fucking prison. Never mind 2 grand. This is why you follow the procedures. You can’t prove the car was broke down when you took it. If it were me I’d sue your business out of existance.

    2. Robert Kraft says

      +ThatGuy182545 None of that matters… All that matters is that they took the car/stole the car.
      And the reason I’d drag him into court, wouldn’t be to make any false accusations, that’s simply _your_ assumption.

  3. Yuriy Pasternak says

    You complaining in the beginning way to much. You fucked up, pay up.

  4. Roadking911 says

    time to fire the stupid mother fker.

  5. Bill Campbell says

    This guy belongs in Prison.  He’s the Criminal here.

  6. Patrick Wheatley says

    This guy is hilarious

  7. lyokofans says

    You can tell this scumbag is a total snake. He deserves to get fucked over.

  8. Chris Dwaynes says

    this guy is awesome hahaha

  9. Dan R says

    I know this is stressful but slow down as you are going to stroke out.

  10. Joseph Cummings says

    What is the fucking bullshit badge all about?

  11. MrSkypony says

    90% of repo agents are low people that drink way to much and do and sell drugs. I personally know several and they are either drunk (or slightly buzzed) and they either do coke and meth or sell it. You didn’t get them to sign a release.. That is dumb. If you are going to do a service before the public you need to clean up your act and also yourself.

  12. Peter Pate says

    You should go to jail for 3-5 years. Hopefully you will get assfucked as hard as you assfuck people every day.

  13. STEFAN Daniel says

    rookie mistake….

  14. Wesley Cooper says

    Why are you wearing a badge?

  15. Noniksleft says

    I’m not convinced this wasn’t a drug buy
    Seriously though. I thought wearing a badge and vest like that was not allowed. “Color of law”?

  16. White Sack says

    Its called Seatbelt for a reason dude 😉

  17. TheDarkalkymist says

    had it been me you would have been sued for theft, fraud and plenty more, you screwed up now pay the piper and quit your whining

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