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In today’s tech-savvy world, more and more businesses and organizations are realizing that DIY websites or—gasp—no website at all just won’t cut it. And now that mobile Internet usage has officially overtaken desktop usage, the do-it-yourselfers are having a hard time designing websites that are smartphone compatible.

If you’ve got what it takes, Web design can make for a satisfying career. But the road isn’t easy: You’ll need to be able to market your skills effectively to stand out. A network as much as possible. You can start a blog, speak at local events, and learn from others in your field. You’ll also need to have the skills to complete complex projects and the personality to please demanding customers.

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Internet of Things(IoT) & Beacon Technology EXPLAINED here —


Part 2 –
Watch the second part here – …


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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Websites Explained here : …


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The sites shown in the video are :-


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  1. Abhilash says

    pls make 720p videos ,, also

    1. The Website Baba says

      Have started making all the videos in 1080p! This is an old video.
      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. Sean Jamshidi says

    I simply will not wait for a site to load more than a few seconds.

    1. Alexandru-Valentin Cubaniti says

      Yes, website load is a big thing. When you are loading a one pager it does not matter that much, when you have a web app with 1 million lines of code, it makes a huge difference. A professional can give you all the media whilst keeping the server(website) load decent, amateur developers might not even know what that means.

  3. Alexandru-Valentin Cubaniti says

    W3C is where you should start, and not codepen copy/paste.

  4. Ron Chalker says

    I think this a great video, but, like a lot of people here, I think these trend are over-complex. A website I did recently for my GF is 80% viewed on phones and tablets and I think all these transitions and effects is largely irrelevant on these devices.

  5. Bluerush says

    Very helpful. Thanks mate.

  6. Zenab Khan says

    amazing video, thanks!

  7. Samayra Khurana says

    Nice video……….
    See more web design trends via a video on “Weekly Marketing Tips”.

  8. Ivan Anić says

    Two first pages are great but other pages are too much…

  9. Greatest Science Inventions says

    WOW, that’s so awesome ?

  10. Sirwastealot says

    Actually a decent video actually.

    I liked it actually. Pretty good actually.

  11. Digi Geeks says

    very good sir HMM

  12. Odrilow - Live / Gameplay / Découvertes says

    Verry nice ?

  13. Odrilow - Live / Gameplay / Découvertes says

    Verry nice ?

  14. Ampix0 says

    The title says 2017. Video uploaded in 2015. Thumbs down and moving on.

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