Why Study Accounting?


With loads of businesses looking to save money by outsourcing accounting services to qualified individuals, certified public accountants can make a solid income.

Starting a CPA business from home requires relatively low overhead, but it may take a time to land the clients needed to turn a profit. You can market your services through networking, and you might consider starting your business part time until it gets off the ground.

While you can be an accountant without CPA certification, CPAs have a strong advantage over their noncertified peers. Visit the American Institute of CPAs website for information on specific state requirements.

In this video, Professor Norm Nemrow gives a short explanation of why an understanding of the principles of accounting is essential for everyone. Accounting knowledge isn't just important for business owners or business managers. Regardless of the vocation you choose, you will make important financial decisions that will impact the rest of your life. An understanding of the principles of accounting will help you take control of your personal financial position and help you make sound business decisions. Now, in an effort to teach the world accounting, Norm is offering his Accounting lessons free to anyone through his new website, www.learnaccountingforfree.com

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